25-Week Micro-learning Programme

Wondering why you should consider the 25-Week Micro-Learning Programme?

Here are two compelling reasons:

  • To cultivate strong leadership skills
  • To enjoy significant cost savings through the longer commitment.

Why Micro-Learning for Frontline Leaders?

Frontline leaders are essential to the success of any organization. However, ineffective leadership can have a significant negative impact on both the leaders themselves and the business as a whole.

What is Micro-Learning and how does it work?

Bite-sized experiential learning challenges

Micro-learning is a new approach to leadership development that breaks down learning into short, bite-sized modules. This makes it easy for frontline leaders to learn new skills and knowledge without having to take long breaks from their work.

You enrol your team for weekly leadership challenges.

We help you to focus on the leadership themes that matter most to your team.

Each team member receives:

  1.   A weekly leadership micro challenge – It only takes 10-15min of their valuable time to complete.
  1.   A group coaching session at the end of the week – Participants unpack their learning and give and get feedback.

You choose:

  •  The important leadership theme/s
  •  The days on which the team receives the challenge and
  • The time of the group coaching session. Here we learn from the experience

Feedback to the Company Manager

We give you feedback on the following:

  • Weekly feedback focused on participation.
  • End-of-programme feedback focused on their practical learning.

Benefits of Micro-Learning for Frontline Leaders

  • Easy to fit into busy schedules
  • Engaging and interactive
  • Effective for learning new skills and knowledge while building positive leadership habits
  • Encourages collaboration and feedback
  • Inspires leadership confidence
  • Studies have shown that micro-learning helps leaders develop new routines, making it easier to build momentum and establish new habits

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Our 25-week micro-learning programme for leadership development consists of:

  1. Weekly challenges – Each week, your team is given a carefully selected challenge.
  2. Execute the challenge – It takes 10-15 minutes for team members to complete the challenge.
  3. Group coaching session – Teams learn by giving and receiving feedback on their challenge activities.

Nu-Leader’s practical 25-week micro-learning programme focuses on real-world leadership disciplines, skills and abilities required by leaders on a daily basis.

The leadership programmes have been developed based on practical experiences with leadership teams, with a focus on their day-to-day leadership needs and challenges.

It addresses the leadership techniques that help people become excellent leaders who achieve outstanding results.

Enrolling your team of leaders:

Minimum of 4 and max of 12 participants

Discount for 9 or more participants

Ideally, their managers/leaders should be part of the programme.