49-Week Micro-Learning Programme

Curious About the 49-Week Micro-Learning Programme?

Here are three compelling reasons to consider Nu-Leader’s comprehensive leadership programme:

  • To cultivate robust leadership skills through an extended journey
  • To establish a sustainable leadership culture within your organisation
  • To reinforce leadership habits for lasting improvement

Why Micro-Learning for Frontline Leaders?

Frontline leaders play a pivotal role in organisational success. However, ineffective leadership can detrimentally impact both leaders themselves and the overall business.

What is Micro-Learning and how does it work?

Engaging in bite-sized experiential learning challenges

Micro-learning revolutionizes leadership development by breaking down learning into short, digestible modules. This approach empowers frontline leaders to acquire new skills and knowledge seamlessly, without disrupting their daily responsibilities.

Your team embarks on weekly leadership challenges.

We guide you in focusing on the most relevant leadership themes for your team.

Each team member receives:

A weekly leadership micro challenge – Taking just 10-15 minutes of their valuable time to complete.   A group coaching session at the end of each week – Participants delve into their learning experiences and exchange feedback.

You have the flexibility to choose:

  • The crucial leadership theme/s
  • The days for receiving challenges
  • The timing of group coaching sessions. Here, we learn from shared experiences.

Feedback for Company Managers

We provide comprehensive feedback including:

  • Weekly insights centred on participation.
  • End-of-programme feedback highlighting practical learning outcomes.

Benefits of Micro-Learning for Frontline Leaders

  • Convenient integration into busy schedules
  • Interactive and engaging learning experiences
  • Effectiveness in acquiring new skills and knowledge while fostering positive leadership routines
  • Promotion of collaboration and feedback exchange
  • Cultivation of leadership confidence

Research indicates that micro-learning facilitates the development of new routines, simplifying the process of building momentum and solidifying lasting habits.

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Our 49-week micro-learning leadership development programme consists of:

  1. Weekly challenges – Your team receives a carefully chosen weekly challenge
  2. Execute the challenge – The team members do the challenge which takes about 10-15 minutes
  3. Group coaching session – The team gives and gets feedback on their challenge activities and they learn from each other

Our micro-learning programmes are based on practical leadership themes, skills and abilities that leaders need on a day-to-day basis.

The programmes are born from practical experience with leadership teams and their day-to-day leadership needs and challenges.

They focus on the leadership practices that make people great at leading with positive results.

Enrolling your team of leaders:

Minimum of 4 and max of 12 participants

Discount for 9 or more participants

Ideally, their managers/leaders should be part of the programme.